Chapter 1 – Michigan Pioneers

Chapter Contact Information

  • Mailing Address: PO Box 523, Concord, MI 49237
  • Area Coordinator: Bob & Cathy Nichols, 941-224-3375, [email protected]

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Michigan Pioneers

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Chapter Updates

    About the Chapter

    The Michigan Pioneers, Chapter One, are as the name implies- the first chapter to be established in the Carriage Travel Club.
    On the evening of Sept. 16, 1975, 18 families gathered at Gillette’s Trailer Center in E. Lansing,
    and voted to form the ‘Pioneers’ Carriage Club of Michigan, No. 1.
    The Carriage factory would sponsor the group,and help out with discount cards, club jackets or sweatshirts with the Carriage logo, and a patch if the club desired. However, they did not want any part in governing the club. In January, 1976, members were told that the National Club was forming, with the first Rally to be held at Eby’s Pines, Ind. 
    At one time, Michigan was also home to Chapter 8, but that number was later given up. We currently have around 21 members, mostly from all areas of the lower half of Michigan.
    Rallies are held at various campgrounds throughout the state, the 3rd weekend in May, July, and Sept. There is also usually a Christmas gathering in Dec. for those that have not gone south.
    All rally’s are a Buddy Rally’s, meaning that a member may invite a friend even though they own a different brand of RV. Rally dates and locations are found in the events section.
    Two or three couples host the rally and they provide  2 breakfasts, and set up a potluck, a restaurant location, and of course, campfires. We always look forward to seeing our Carriage family.

    Current Officers:
    President-Hugh Harwell
    Vice President-David Bakale
    Treasurer-Colleen Harwell
    Wagon Master-Colleen Harwell
    Area Coordinators-Bob & Cathy Nichols

    Election of Officers:
    Held at the September Rally with positions held for two (2) years.

    Dues: Currently $10/yr

    Club applications can be obtained from the area coordinators:
    Bob & Cathy Nichols  941-224-3375 or [email protected]