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  • Mailing Address: 112 Prospect Ave, Galax, VA 24333
  • Area Coordinator: Ed & Phyllis Barker, 276-236-6025, [email protected]

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Merry Marylanders

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    About this chapter

    The Merry Marylanders formed a chapter in September, 1979 with 8 member rigs. The dues were $5.00 which they reported to be adequate. When you consider that computers were not used then and all information about rallies and response cards was snail mail, postage must have been cheap.

    As the chapter grew, most of the members were from Maryland but they were attracting people from Virginia also. One of the members suggested forming a new chapter with Virginia members and also to invite North and South Carolina to be part of this chapter. About that time the Carolinas were trying to form their own chapter and the idea failed for lack of interest. The Merry Marylanders continued to grow and the question was raised about changing the name of the chapter since a lot of the members were from VA. All of the logos were in place and the name was special to the Chapter so it has remained The Merry Marylanders.

    Fortunately as more folks got computers it was easier to transmit information but the dues did go up to $7.00 in 1991 as snail mail was still being used. Campin’ Nooz had a lot of information for thechapters and concerning rallies but in order to keep members informed and get new members we still mailed a lot of information.

    In August of 1986, The Merry Marylanders put on a Grand National Rally in Gettysburg, PA. They had approximately 200 rigs in attendance. We heard that a lot of trees were cut to accommodate the large turnout. Seventeen years later the chapter felt comfortable about doing another Grand National Rally at Urbanna, VA. The attendance for that rally was 187 rigs.

    Today we have a membership list with 25 rigs. Our members are from MD, VA, WVA, PA, and NY. We also have Bucky and Helen Moree and Dave and Pat Hawthorne from FL. In looking back over the history of our Chapter we realize there are so many people responsible for its success. Ed and Shirley Eslin have been chapter members since 1987 but they joined the Travel Club in 1984. Carriage must be doing something right to keep members that long, right!!!

    At our rallies we enjoy campfires, games, tech talk and always good food. We welcome anyone from other chapters that would like to join us at a campout.

    Ed & Phyllis Barker #11938

    Area Coordinators [email protected] 
    H-276-236-6025 C-276-233-2164

    Membership Application

    Click on the Download Button. Fill this out and send to Ed & Phyllis Barker (print, fill out, scan, email) or print, fill out and snail mail. Home address: Ed Barker, 112 Prospect Ave, Galax, Va. 24333. Email address: [email protected].  

    Colors & Shirts

    Merry Marylanders Chapter colors are: Black shirts with a red crab on the left shoulder and kaki (beige) shorts, capris or slacks. Our chapter shirts are usually short sleeve & feature an embroidered 5th wheel on the upper right chest area & your 1st name on the upper left chest area. You can purchase your own shirts at any department store and then send or give to Phyllis Barker (address above) who will have the logo & name embroidered on for you @ a cost of $7.00/per shirt. Phyllis will return the shirts to you at the next rally. Most members like to have a red shirt and a black shirt to correlate with the different themes we have. But this is optional. Questions are always asked about what colors to wear when attending a National or Grand National Rally. The National Club colors are Red shirts & White pants (w/optional white vest). The red RV Travel Club, Lifestyle shirts or our red MM shirts are worn on the final night of the rally. One night during the rally is specified as “Chapter Colors”. This is a fun way to distinguish each chapter from the National Club.