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  • Mailing Address: 464 Oak Cove Road, Titusville, FL 32780
  • Area Coordinator: Dave Hawthorne, 321-508-4940, [email protected]

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Florida Space Coast Travelers

General discussion forum for the Florida Space Coast Travelers chapter.

Florida Space Coast Travelers – Official Documents

The official documents of the Florida Space Coast Travelers will be posted here by the Chapter Webadmin. Forum members (only) can access documents here.

Chapter Updates

    About the Chapter

    The Florida Space Coast Travelers were given their Chapter Charter, by then President Thomas Winstel in 2015 at the Grand National Rally.

    We have grown somewhat, but as the rest of Club goes, we suffer from attrition, medical problems and people just coming off the road due to age and other needs in their life. 

    As the Area Coordinator, I am part of the Clubs National Board and interact with the National Officers at meetings and other matters when needed. 

    I have held two National Offices since 2012. One being National Treasurer (2012-2016) and First Vice President from 2016 to 2018, Past President of The Florida Road Runners, Chapter 54 and Past President of The Florida Space Coast Travelers, Chapter 51. 

    I work closely with the Chapter Presidents, Nina and John Redman an the Chapter Vice Presidents Judy and Larry Stickler. The office of Chapter Secretary is open. The Chapter Treasurer is Scott and Sandy Penrod who also occupies the Office of National First Vice President.

    I also hold the Chapter Office as Web Administrator. 

    I also present information about the Club’s History and Chapter information when a new member joins the Club National Membership. I also provide information about the various Chapters which are in Florida. I encourage any new members to Join and Chapter. You can belong to as many as you wish. Visit out lying Chapters in the Summer when they have Rallies and Campouts. 

    I have been a member of the Carriage Travel Club Inc, now The RV Travel Club, a DBA of the CTC since 2005. 

    The Carriage Travel Club, Inc. and its DBA is 43 years old. The Club once had over 500 rigs showing our Colors and wearing the Club ID Numbers their Rigs.

    The Brand Name Carriage, built in Millersburg, Indiana, went out of Business in 2011. The Club Members took over the Club, Elected Officers and produced By Laws and Policies for its operation. Prior to 2011, the Club had a Office in Millersburg, Indiana at the Factory. It was manned by Club Members from that area. The Carriage Travel Club was supported by Carriage, Inc. 

    In 2011 at the Tampa RV Show, Club Members who were present assisted Carriage, Inc. sales with Lazy Days RV Sales by being in the Trailers talking with potation buyers, who were touring the various trailers that were displayed. We more less ask the Sales guys to wait outside and we would tell the Show Looker about the Trailers as we were people who towed them and lived in them. Pros and Cons. 

    Lazy Days, Inc. indicated that the Club Members had help sell 41 Carriage Units during the show. 

    After Carriage Inc. closed, most of the Engineers and workers changed locations to Middlebury, Indiana and began work which was then a duplicate of the Carriage Cameo called a LifeStyles Fifth Wheel. The Trailer had the markings of a Carriage on the Front Cap in a different format. The early Lifestyles Rigs were built just like a Carriage with improvements, such as slide motors centered in the slide to help with torque on the drive shaft that opened and closed the slide. A Box Tube Frame unlike what is currently out there using a I-Beam. 

    Lifestyles went out of business in 2016. 

    If you have questions about The Florida Space Coast Travelers, please contact me or the Chapters Officers. 

    President; Nina and John Redman  Email        [email protected]

    Vice President; Judy and Larry Stickler Email  [email protected]

    Treasurer; Scott and Sandy Penrod  Email      [email protected]