Chapter 52 – Indian Nation Travelers of Oklahoma

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  • Mailing Address: 182 Rainbow Dr #8248, Livingston, TX 77399-1082
  • Area Coordinator: Kenneth and Patsy Palouur, 918-370-1347, [email protected]

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    About this Chapter

    A meeting was called on June 28, 1990, during the Grand National Rally at Lincoln, IL, to form the Oklahoma State Chapter of Carriage Travel Club, Inc.

    The first order of business was to select a name and patch design for the Chapter. The name Indian Nation Travelers of Oklahoma and a patch design were presented by Buster & Nita Rutledge. It was voted on and accepted. Chapter 52 was assigned by then Executive Director Les Bitner.

    SECRETARY – BRENDA  THOMAS – TERM – indefinite       

    AREA COORDINATORS: Kenneth and Patsy Palouur

    Chapter dues are payable at the first Chapter Rally each year. Those not attending may send a check payable to Bob Thomas, Treasurer at 1419 S. Caldwell Dr., Midwest City, OK, 73130-5408.