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  • Mailing Address: 178 Rainbow Dr. #7877, LIvingston, TX 77399
  • Area Coordinator: Tommy and Sara Bouland, 270-559-3768, [email protected]

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    About this Chapter

    We are the Tennessee Travelers Chapter 57. Although we have members from other chapters, our primary membership focus is Carriage and Lifestyle owners from the States of Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama. For a number of years this was an active chapter but for whatever reason the membership declined and the chapter became inactive. In October 2010 there was a group of Tennessee people that were determined to bring some life back into this chapter. So in January 2011 we applied to the Carriage National Board to receive our charter that allowed us to return to an active status. At our meager beginnings we had 3 members (couples). These members are also our current Chapter Officers; President – Jerry Painter, Secretary/Treasurer – Rex & Sharon Brown, and Area Coordinators – Mark & Sharon Engwall. Jean Painter is our chapter web admin and does a great job keeping our webpage current.

    March 2013 we celebrate our 2nd anniversary as a reactivated chapter. At the beginning to help grow our membership the National Secretary provided great support by sending us a warranty list containing names and addresses of Carriage owners from our area. Today we maintain two contact lists, members and non-members, and on a regular basis we send everyone our latest Campin’ Nooz article. For important chapter business and information, we use the Chapter Forum on the CTC website. This forum provides an invaluable tool for staying in touch with our chapter members. We continue to grow our chapter membership and as of today we have 17 members (couples).

    At our first campout in the fall of 2011 the thought was we may only have 3 or 4 rigs sign up. But to our amazement and with the support of the Dixie Travelers and Florida Roadrunners Chapters, we had 11 rigs come to that first event. I believe most of us like sitting around an evening campfire but our group also enjoys a morning coffee circle. These two events provide a great time of fellowship with our extended Carriage family and leave us looking forward to the next campout or rally. To view the pictures from all our campout, go to the CTC website under the Chapter Finder heading and then click on the Tennessee Travelers webpage.

    Hosting a Grand National Rally is no small feat. But in September 2014 the Tennessee Travelers will host our first Grand National Rally. We are a fun-loving group and you’ll have to join us for the Grand National or one of our campouts and see what this chapter is about. Come and enjoy some down-home southern hospitality. Y’all are welcome!

    Minutes, and other official chapter documents, are posted on the TT Official Documents Forum

    The Tennessee Travelers typically have two chapter camp-outs each year: Spring and Fall.

    Mark & Sharon Engwall #16393
    Area Coordinators [email protected]
    Home 423-839-0392
    Cell 847-682-7072

    Chapter Officers

    New chapter officers elected fall meeting of even numbered years
    Serve Jan 01  – Dec 31 of the following 2 years

    Area Coordinator: Tommy and Sara Boland  
    President: Jerry Painter                    
    Secretary/Treasurer: Mark and Sharon Engwall                                                      
    Web Admin: Jean Painter