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  • Mailing Address: 67601 Patricia DriveMillersburg, IN 46543
  • Area Coordinator: Harold & Janet Judy, 574 642-3992, [email protected]

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    About the Chapter

    The Carriage-Royals International Travel Club was the original name of the national club confirmed by C.T. Yoder, President of Carriage, Inc. DeVon & Betty Russell were appointed Executive Directors of the new club by Clarence Yoder. The First National Rally was held August 15-18, 1976 at Eby Pines, Bristol, Indiana. The rally was held to coincide with the National R.V. and Mobile Home Show in South Bend, Indiana. There were to be other rallies and caravan trips to be announced in the future. The name was changed to Carriage Travel Club in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in 1986. The numbering system was also changed at that ten year reunion with a long business meeting according to Harold Judy.

    Our own Chapter 7 members, Harold & Janet Judy, were Executive Directors of the Carriage Travel Club for a number of years. Janet worked in the club office at Carriage and they attended the rallies held somewhere throughout the United States and Canada. Their membership in the Carriage Travel Club has been a long time with a club number of A-24. Carriage employees had an “A” prefix on their number and the membership started with B-1 according to Janet. The five digit numbers as we know them came when they had gone through the alphabet with B’s through Z’s and Double AA’s through ZZ’s 1 through 99. Those numbers started with 11001 for the eleventh year.

    The first Campin’ Nooz was issued in March 1976 with no name for the newsletter. A $25 Savings Bond was awarded for anyone submitting a suitable name. The name was explained as, we camp, we eat, and we snooze thus the Campin’ Nooz. Berne & Edna Meurk, L-18, Chicago, Illinois received the savings bond. Ray & Jeanne Wagner of Brownsburg, Indiana were the first members of the newly organized club. The first number issued to them was B-1 along with a membership packet. As time went on there were different chapters formed in different areas of the country. The chapter numbers were given as the different chapters were organized.

    The organization of the Indiana Chapter 7 of the Carriage-Royals International Travel Club met in September 1976 at Sweet Owen Campground near Spencer, Indiana at the invitation of Rufus & Mary Joyce. The Articles of Incorporation of the Carriage-Royals International Travel Club Inc. were the guidelines for establishing an Indiana chapter. Rufus & Mary Joyce were unanimously elected the first president. After a thorough discussion a motion was made by George Kelly to name the chapter “Royal Carriage of Indiana”. Discussion was made and he was asked to draw up a proposed emblem for Chapter 7. The Indiana state colors of blue and gold would be used.

    It was suggested that a calendar of events be prepared in advance so that all members and prospective members could plan accordingly. It was agreed that the rallies be held in the spring and the fall each year and the Indiana business meetings were conducted at those rallies.

    The first spring rally was held May 20-22, 1977 at Sweet Owen Campground. At that first rally held in May 1977 Indiana Chapter 7 received its charter. Joe & Dot Fortenberry, president of the national club, presented the charter to the president of Indiana Chapter 7, Rufus & Mary Joyce.

    Over the years members wanted to get together more often so Chapter 7 meets somewhere May through October of the Indiana camping season. The business meetings are still held at the spring and fall rallies. The by-laws were changed by voting to accommodate the new monthly campouts.

    At the beginning there were 136 families in Indiana who were members of the national club and eligible to join the state chapter. All Indiana state members of the national club were invited to the May 1977 Rally at which time they were asked to join the chapter. The annual dues per year per family were $5.00. As the cost of everything goes up, the dues were eventually raised to $10.00 a year. There were 13 couples present who agreed to join the Indiana chapter at that first meeting. Hickman Brothers agreed to be the dealer/sponsor for the first year. The evening’s entertainment was furnished by a local group—“J.D. and the Foggy Dew Review”. Bill Hacker representing Hickman Brothers accompanied them with some mighty snappy spoon-slapping. Indiana Carriage Chapter 7 has been meeting continuously ever since that time.

    A post office story was printed in one of the earliest newsletters: We heard of how mail was delivered in colonial days. Hollow trees were used by those passing letters on to others. These trees became a gathering place for people to meet and socialize. In a New England town one such tree was so enjoyed that when it died, a post was to be put in its place with holes bored in it to hold the letters. A hole was dug and a dozen husky guys rallied around to up end the post into the hole. They got under the post and started lifting when a couple of them slipped and the post came down on top of the whole group. They screamed, “Take the post off us. . .TAKE THE POST OFF US. . .” and that, my friends, is how the Post Office got its name. We thought you would like to know! ! !

    Harold & Janet Judy, Area Coordinators John & Tina Holley, President
    Larry & Carolyn Stover, Secretary Treasurer