Club Bylaws – Proposed Revisions

Adopted MM-DD-YYYY


SECTION 1 National Organization

Purpose of the Club

1. To plan, promote and implement rallies, trips, caravans and other activities for members; to provide opportunities for members to enjoy good fellowship and pleasant use of their Recreational Vehicle to foster friendship among campers and to set an example of courtesy on the highway and of model conduct at meeting sites and in public campgrounds.


The Carriage Travel Club, Incorporated shall be referred to as the “National Organization” or “National Club” or The RV Travel Club and the name “Carriage” shall be considered neutral as to brand, for the purpose of these By-Laws. Note: a “Fictitious Business Name” document, approved by and filed with the Indiana Secretary of State on 10/31/17, permits the Carriage Travel Club, Incorporated to do business as “The RV Travel Club”.

The terms “National Board of Officers” and “National Officers” shall mean the five four elected Officers of the Corporation

The term “National Board of Directors” shall mean the elected National Board of Officers and the Area Coordinators.

The term “member” shall mean an individual person, spouse/partner or family maintaining membership in good standing.

The “Club Web Site” shall mean,, or web pages accessible to members and hosted by the National Club’s current membership management provider. 

SECTION 2 Voting Membership

Active Membership – Any person or family owning a self-contained recreational vehicle may become an active member by completing the necessary application and submitting it along with the National dues. While membership in a local Chapter is encouraged, it is not a requirement for membership in the National Club.

Non-Voting Membership

Honorary Membership–Active Members who have given up RVing may become Honorary Members upon nomination by a sponsoring ChapterExcept for voting in National elections, or modifications of By-Laws, Honorary Members shall enjoy the same rights as active members.

The National Board of Officers may designate additional classes of membership as defined in the Policies and Procedures. Any individual so designated shall not have voting rights.

SECTION 3 Local Chapters

  1. Local Chapters of the National Organization may be formed, subject to the approval of the National Board of Officers.
  2. Local Chapters are allowed to establish rules for membership in their Chapter, however no rule can be in conflict with any provisions of these Bylaws.
  3. Local Chapters of the National Organization will be presented with an official charter when approved by the National Board of Officers.
  4. All members of a Local Chapter must be members of the National Club.
  5. The Local Chapter must select an Area Coordinator. The requirements of office for the Area Coordinator are defined in the Policies and Procedures.
  6. The Local Chapter must select a Chapter Moderator for the Club website. The National First Vice President and National Website Administrator shall be notified of the appointment.
  7. If a Local Chapter violates the By-laws of the National Organization, the National Board of Officers may request the return of the Charter of that Local Chapter after making diligent efforts to obtain compliance by the Local Chapter which have failed.
  8. Membership in a Local Chapter must be available to all persons and families who are members of the National Organization.
  9. Membership in local Chapters is not limited to one Chapter.; however, one Chapter must be named as the “home” Chapter.

SECTION 4 Membership Conduct and Responsibility

All members shall be aware of their responsibility to the Carriage Travel Club National Organization as defined in Section 1—Purpose and, by their conduct, indicate to the public that membership in the National Organization is an assurance of courtesy and good will to everyone.

No member will say, print or post online, anything that may reflect unfavorably on the Club or individual Club members and shall dedicate themselves to good fellowship and mutual understanding to all National Club members.

The National Organization, Officers and/or authorized persons of the National Organization assume no responsibility or liability, beyond that covered by Club Liability insurance, for any personal injury or property damage suffered by its members, and/or family, in attendance at, or on the road to or from, any Rally or Club sponsored event.

If an official national event has Carriage Travel Club liability insurance, it requires that public display of alcoholic beverages be prohibited at National and Grand National events. In these By- Laws, “public” is defined as any event/gathering open to all attendees at a National/Grand National Rally.

SECTION 5 Voting By Members

  1. This Section addresses the occasion when the entire membership is to vote on an issue, such as the Election of National Officers or modification of By-Laws.
  2. Each individual Active member of the National Organization shall have one(1) vote.
  3. The issue shall be determined by simple majority of votes tabulated.
  4. Members will be encouraged to vote electronically through the Club Website. For those who cannot cast an electronic ballot, printed ballots will be made available through the website or can be obtained by contacting their Area Coordinator or the National Secretary.
  5. Ballots will be tabulated as defined in Policies and Procedures.

SECTION 6 National Board of Officers

1. The National Board of Officers shall consist of the following elected positions: 

a. National President.
b. National First Vice President. 
c. National Second Vice President. 
d. National Secretary.
e. National Treasurer.

National Board of Directors

  1. The Board of Directors of the National Organization shall consist of all National Officers and all Area Coordinators.
  2. The annual meeting of the National Board of Directors shall be held on the first day of the Grand National Rally each year. The time and place of the meeting will be at the discretion of the National President.
  3. Informational meetings of the National Board of Directors may be called at the discretion of the National President.
  4. In the event that an Area Coordinator is elected to a National Office or is unable to attend the Board of Directors meeting, a temporary assistant Area Coordinator should be appointed, to attend the meeting in their place. A letter or email should be sent to the National Secretary announcing the temporary replacement for the meeting. The temporary Area Coordinator shall have the same voting rights as the regular Area Coordinator they represent.
  5. A quorum shall consist of 60% of the National Board of Directors. When voting on issues brought before the Board, each Officer position and each Chapter via the Area Coordinator has one vote.
  6. Spouses or partners hold equal status as an Officer or Area Coordinator. Area coordinators may simultaneously hold a National Office.

SECTION 7 National Officer Election Procedure

  1. The National Officer positions shall consist of President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The duties and responsibilities of the officers are defined in Policies and Procedures.
  2. On the year of election of National Officers, the newly elected National President shall appoint a Nominating Committee. See Policies and Procedures for Nominating Committee guidelines.
  3. Husband/wife, partner/partner, or a single person can hold the positions.
  4. All Officers shall have the option to run for a second term during their membership in the National Organization, but shall be limited to two (2)consecutive terms in the same position.
  5. The Office of National President shall require at least two years previous service as a National Officer or an Area Coordinator.
  6. The office of President, First Vice President and Second Vice President shall be for a two-year term of office with an option to run again for a second term. The office of Secretary and Treasurer shall be for a two-year term of office with an option to run again. for a second term, these positions to be elected on alternate even years.
  7. All retiring Officers are expected to serve in an advisory position for one(1) year after leaving office in order to provide continuity and to assist successors when requested.

Section 8 Financial Matters

  1. It shall be the duty of the National Board of Officers to address all financial matters in the name of the National Club.
  2. The National Board of Officers may enter into any contract or execute and deliver any instrument containing financial obligations in the name of and on behalf of the National Carriage Club Incorporated.
  3. To protect the Club and those Officers handling finances, the National Treasurer shall be bonded, as well as all others required by law.

Section 9 Amendment of By-Laws

The National Board of Directors, Area Coordinators or Active members may submit proposals for alterations or amendments to these By-Laws, or action to repeal these By-laws.

The National President shall appoint a By-Laws Committee to review submitted proposals to determine that they do not conflict with the By-Laws document Section 1, Article 1, “Purpose of the Club”.

Proposals by members will be forwarded by the Local Chapter Area Coordinator, to the National Secretary, and to the By-Laws Committee for consideration not less than 90 days prior to the annual meeting of the National Board of Directors

Proposals approved for consideration by the By-Laws Committee, will be posted to the Club Web Site and will be offered for vote by the active membership not later than 30 days prior to the next Board of Directors meeting. Proposals approved by a majority of votes cast will subsequently be offered for ratification by the Board of Directors at the next Board of Directors meeting.

The National Officers, by majority vote, may add, suspend or modify any By-Law as deemed necessary by unusual and time-sensitive circumstances. Members shall be personally notified by bulk e-mail of the reasons for such action through the Club Web Site. The Active Membership shall then vote within 30 days to retain or nullify such action. Such action approved by a majority of votes cast will subsequently be offered for ratification by the Board of Directors at the next Board of Directors meeting.

Section 10 Effective Date

  1. These By-Laws shall be effective upon ratification by the Board of Directors.
  2. Diligent effort shall be made to assure that all members have access to these By-laws either on the Club Web Site or in hard copy (if no internet access) and Area Coordinators shall periodically review these By-laws with their Chapter members.

Section 11 Dissolution of Carriage Travel Club

1. A motion to dissolve the Carriage Travel Club can be initiated by either:
a. A petition by the Board of Officers approved by unanimous vote of the officers.
b. A petition by the voting membership approved by two-thirds of the votes cast.

2. Upon approval for dissolution of the corporation, the assets shall be distributed as follows:

  1. All legal liabilities of the corporation shall be paid.
  2. Any non-financial property shall be disposed as directed by the Board of Officers. All monies gained shall be included in the assets of theCorporation.
  3. Any member who has paid dues in excess of their next anniversary date shall have their payment refunded.
  4. A contingency fund of five(5) percent of the assets shall be retained.
  5. Remaining assets shall be distributed to current active members by the following method:
    1. Determine the year a member joined. This date will be 2010, the year the Club became self-governed or later.
    2. Determine an end date, the year the Club is to dissolve.
    3. Determine number of active years (end year minus year joined plus one)
    4. Assets will be divided by number of “member-years” to determine a dollar value.
    5. Payments will be made to each current active member pro-rated by “member-years”.
  6. Any such assets not so disposed of shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose. Any such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by a court of competent jurisdiction of the county in which the principal office of the corporation is then located, exclusively for such purposes or to such organization or organizations, as said court shall determine which are organized and operated exclusively for such purposes.

Section 12 Grand National Rally Guidelines

1. The National Board of Officers shall ensure that an annual Grand National Rally is held whenever possible.
2. Additional Rally guidelines are contained in the Policies and Procedures