Club Chapters

Any member may join any chapter they choose, no matter where they live. Many members choose to join multiple chapters. All of The RV Travel Club members are welcome and encouraged to attend any chapter’s event as a guest.

Chapter #Chapter NameGeographic Boundaries
1Michigan PioneersMichigan
6Hawkeyes of IowaIowa
7Royal Carriage of IndianaIndiana
9Winter TexansTexas
15Carri-Yals of IllinoisIllinois, Eastern Missouri
21Dixie TravelersNorth Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia
27Merry MarylandersRhode Island, Eastern Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey
32Ohio BuckeyesOhio, Western Pennsylvania
43Wheat State CampersNebraska, Kansas, Western Missouri
50Canadian PioneersCanada
51Florida Space Coast TravelersEastern Florida
54Florida RoadrunnersWestern Florida, Panhandle
56Tex-Mex DiablosNew Mexico, Texas
57Tennessee TravelersKentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama,
60Florida Winter SunshineSnowbirds

Closed Chapters