Spacecoast December 6, 2021 Minutes

Spacecoast December 6, 2021 Minutes

Minutes of Space Coast Travel Club Chapter #51 Minutes, December 6, 2021 held at Wildwood RV Campground

Dave Hawthorne called the meeting to order at 10:00 am December 6, 2021.

Scott Penrod led us in prayer, and Dave Hawthorne led us in the Pledge Allegiance.

Dave gave introduction of National and Present National Officer’s.

Introduction of new members:

Ronald & Mary Colgin

Don & Ellen Coggin

Leo & Paula Iodice


Dave asked for acceptance of the 2020 minutes, John Redman made motion, Tom Vereb seconded.


Scott Penrod gave Treasurer’s report and there had been no expenditures for 2021.

No Old Business

New Business:

Dave Hawthorne talked about the status of The RV Travel Club, National Officers and Elections, and that the Grand National has again been scheduled for third year at Elkhart for September 19-25, 2022.

Space Coast Chapter is currently needing to fill all positions in our chapter.

If you would like to get membership shirts go to our website to order.

2022 & 2023 Campouts

January 2022 RV Super Show in Tampa

February 6th-13, 2022 Florida Road Runners campout at Ocala Sun RV Resort, call campground after January 1st to make your reservations.  No deposit needed, however will need to pay couple of days in advance.

End of Winter campout at Paradise Oaks, Bushnell, more info to follow.

Space Coast Travelers Christmas 2022, info to follow.

RV Super Show, Tampa Fairgrounds January 2023, won’t know exact dates till August or September 2022.

Discussion regarding needing volunteers and people to step up and to especially support the ones that are trying to do things.  For the campout there was a lot of issues regarding where it was booked. How much it cost, the week in which it was booked, then when the venue was changed that came under scrutiny regarding the location and that campground was in bad shape, gets really wet, small club house etc.  as it turned out club house size was great, our sites in front of the park were great, it never rained, we were all together, easy access to club house.

It was suggested by Judy Stickler that it would be helpful to the membership if there were guidelines/suggestions on hosting a rally, for what is expected from the officers.  This would help eliminate some of the confusion and possibly some of the negativity that is given

Discussion was had that there are lots of new campgrounds being built, but they will probably be more expensive as these are done as resorts.

No further business motion was made to adjourn  by Larry Gillard to adjourn, second by Tom Vereb.


Minutes submitted by acting Secretary:  Judy Stickler


Add to minutes, Larry and Beverly Gillard have stepped up to be First Vice-President of the Space Coast Chapter effective immediately



Discussion (2)

  1. Thank you for Volunteering to be our Chapters 1st Vice President. I know you both will do a great job. We are blessed to have you both in our Chapter!

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